Album Management

The Album Management window is where you'll organize all of your album's most important production related details.  Many of these details will come from your album company, for the specific album that you'll be purchasing from them, so you'll want to check these details with with your album company or lab before getting started.  However, if you need to make an edit, you can always come back to this window.

General Items:

  • Name of the album
  • Folder location on your local drive
  • Predefined album sizes*

*Predefined album sizes are presets provided by many of your favorite album companies.  Make sure to check first, as your album details may be available and able to auto-fill at the click of a button.

You may also add or edit your album size, margins, and gaps at any time during the design process.  Additionally, you may input special details for a front or back cover that is different from your internal spreads.

Here's a screen shot of the Album Management window for your reference:

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