Learning about the Lower Drawer

The lower drawer allows you to quickly locate and select your images for design, scroll quickly through all spreads, and select from predesigned templates for your layouts.  It's easily accessible at all times at the bottom of your viewing window   providing smooth transitions between the items you need as you work through the design of your album.

First, your images!  The first icon on the far left is the tab for your image drawer.  You can drag & drop to add images to the tray or simply select one or more to remove an image with a 'right' or 'control' click and choose 'remove selected'.  You can quickly scroll from left to right to find specific images and hovering over an image will preview that image larger for more detail.  See the image tab selected below along with an example of the image preview:

Second, we have the Spreads tab which allows you to scroll effectively through all of your spreads.  To jump to another spread, just double click on the desired one in the drawer.

Third, is the Layouts tab, which provides professionally designed template options, if you'd prefer a quick change to the existing layout.  It's a snap to change layouts!  Simply double click on the layout template of your choice in the bottom drawer and the current design in the main view will automatically adjust to the layout of your choice.

You can also adjust the drawer to your preference.  To maximize your design area, you can shrink it down or bring it up for more visibility...we want you to be as comfortable as possible as you design, so make it fit your needs.

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