Album Proofing

You may be asking, why album proofing?

Instead of a generic slideshow, a potentially confusing email dialogue, or the time consuming nature of presenting album designs in person, AlbumExposure makes it simple to create a dynamic online presentation for your clients. You can have presentations ready within minutes and give your clients an easy and desirable way to review, provide feedback, see revisions, share with others, and approve their final album. However, that's really just the beginning! 

As you discover your Perfect Album Process, you can create a seamless workflow from beginning to end with our proofing software at the center.  We offer an award winning design software if you'd like to design the album yourself or we provide a complete design service if you'd prefer that we design it for you.  Plus, use AlbumExposure to promote your brand and sell more albums by embedding your albums on your blog or website as well as sharing a public version of the presentation (both sans comments) with others directly. Once a design is approved by your client, try our Send to Print feature and send your album to print with your favorite album companies directly from AlbumExposure. 

Save time, manage everything in one place, sell more, and make albums an easy, yet highly profitable part of your business model.

This IS the client experience you want for your customers!!

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