Customize for your Brand

Branding is important for all businesses, but especially for professional photographers who need their identity in front of their clients as much as possible.  It helps to define your client's experience and definitely assists with referrals.

It should be about your business, so we've made it so you can quickly customize your AlbumExposure account to match your existing brand.  Simply upload your logo, place it as desired for album presentations, and choose an appropriate color background.  You can also mask the url, so that your client will appear to be visiting your domain to view their album instead of ours (for details on the masking setup process, check out the following  step by step instructions).

Also, both types of AlbumExposure accounts (Photographer & Design Studio) are always brand specific. So, if you're a Photographer, your account will always be branded for you in front of your client. If you work with one of our Design Studio subscribers, their account will be branded as them in your view (as their client), however your brand will always show in front of your client. Everyone wins.

To upload your logo or edit your branding settings, you'll go to Settings > Branding from the top right of the main navigation -

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