Automatic Client Reminders

The ability to set automatic client reminders is a huge time saving feature.  Clients can often forget to view or approve their design, so having the software automatically remind them keeps the process moving along more quickly.

Client reminders can be one time or can be set as recurring.  This way, you don't have to keep track of who to follow up with and can instead let the software send reminders until your client takes the next appropriate action.

First step - Turn on Client Notification Settings.  This can be selected on the Settings page for each individual album (image just below) or can be selected as a global account setting under 'Settings > Communications.  This gives us your permission to send automated notifications and reminders on your behalf as well as provides a field (after selection) for you to enter the client's email address.

Once Client Notification Settings are selected, you'll see the notification and reminder options.  You may select one or all at any time:

Notify client of comments = notifies your client that you've posted new comments on their album (most likely in response to comments they have left for you previously).

Enable proofing reminder = This notification will remind your client to view their album, if they have not yet done so.

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