Promoting Your Albums

Did you know that AlbumExposure provides you with easy to use tools to promote your albums? 

Showing future clients some of the beautiful albums you've designed and delivered to previous clients, can be a fantastic way to display your work and help a potential customer get a full understanding of what you can do for them. We all know albums are unique in the way they tell the full story and can be an incredible sales tool with clients and vendors alike. Additionally, showing albums early in the sales process will set expectations in the client's mind that leads to album sales and even additional album sales. 

Traditionally, albums were only shown in-studio, where potential clients could look at feel the physical album samples.  While this is still a great method, it's not always possible to have clients in-studio or maybe a studio is not practical for your business model. We think showing off your albums should be one of the first things a new customer ever sees, even before they meet with you in person, so digitally displaying your designs is key.

Once an album is approved and the proofing process is over, promoting your albums with AlbumExposure is quick and easy.  You'll want to begin by navigating to the Promote page from the left hand navigation within the approved album.

The first step will be to make the album 'public'.  The action of making the album public will remove the login requirement as well as the commenting feature, so now the album can be viewed by anyone.

Now you have a few choices :)

1) Share the album on Facebook or Twitter 

Potential clients are going to look you up on social media, it's unavoidable, so make sure to quickly post your albums for more exposure (pun intended ;)

2) Share the public link to the album

The public link can be used in a few different ways with really high returns.  First, we always recommend sending the link to parents as well as grandparents or other family members by email with a special offer for them to purchase a parent album.  You've already done all of the work to finalize the album, so now you can increase sales without more overhead...three of the same album are always better than 1!  We also encourage sharing the link with vendors.  This way, they have an easy way to show off their work, while cross promoting you in the process.

3) Use the embed code to share on your website or blog

First, you may adjust the viewing width to fit the location where you plan to embed the album.  Then, simply copy/paste the embed code into your website or blog.  This is a great addition to showing individual images and really makes event posts come to life.  Also, showing an album with every event post helps future clients understand the value of albums as well as builds the expectation that they too will have an album in their package.

NOTE: Once you've made promoting your albums a standard practice in your workflow, you can check the View Stats page at anytime to see how how often your albums are being viewed!

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