Activating your license

After your 30 day free trial or anytime after you purchase your license key for unlimited design with AlbumExposure Design, you'll want to add your unique license key within the application.

If your trial has ended, the license window will open automatically for you.  If prior to the end of your trial time, you can locate the license window anytime from the top navigation by going to Album > License.  

After upgrading and buying the user license, we will email your unique license key to you.  Please take that unique license key and note your AlbumExposure account email address in order to input both items to the License page.  The license window will look as follows:

Input your email address and license key, then select to 'Activate license'.  We'll verify your license key and show you a confirmation message in this window.  Close the window and continue designing! :)  

Note: if you're adding the license key after your 30 day trial has completed, you may be required to re-open the application after activating your license.

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